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2023-11-18 00:12:01
本文摘要:BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Hollywood has long relied on consumer surveys to answer a question about soon-to-arrive movies: To what degree have marketing materials made a film a must-see?加利福尼亚州贝弗利山——长期以来,好莱坞都是依赖消费者调查来答案一个关于将要公映影片的问题:市场宣传要做什么程度,才可以让一部影片沦为观众的必看片?

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Hollywood has long relied on consumer surveys to answer a question about soon-to-arrive movies: To what degree have marketing materials made a film a must-see?加利福尼亚州贝弗利山——长期以来,好莱坞都是依赖消费者调查来答案一个关于将要公映影片的问题:市场宣传要做什么程度,才可以让一部影片沦为观众的必看片?It used to be easy for studios to use that data, provided roughly a month before release, to improve ticket sales for a film’s opening — a creative tweak to an ad, for instance, or more male-focused TV spots. But movie campaigns have grown considerably longer and more complex. Now, by the time the old tracking system kicks in, studios say they can do little more than brace for impact: Consumers have already made up their minds.过去,电影公司在影片发售前约一个月就可以获得消费者调查数据,并精彩应用于这个数据来提升影片的开画票房——对广告稍加创新性微调,或者投入更加多针对男性观众的电视广告。但是电影宣传活动显得日益漫长而简单。

如今,老式消费者追踪系统早已该死了,制片公司称之为,消费者在电影公映之前早于早已下定决心,它们足以做到的意味着是被动应付由此带给的结果。To help studio marketers get back ahead of their customers, United Talent Agency and Rentrak, an entertainment data company, are introducing a service called PreAct. It joins an array of Hollywood upstarts peddling “social listening,” a growing field that uses algorithms to slice and dice chatter on social media.为了协助电影公司的市场宣传人员领先于消费者,牵头人才经纪公司(United Talent Agency)与娱乐数据公司Rentrak联合推出一种取名为PreAct的服务。它同一大批好莱坞富二代一道,促销“聆听社交网络”——这是一个正在发展的领域,用于算法详细分析社交媒体上的闲谈。PreAct begins unusually early. It closely monitors marketing efforts at least a year before opening weekend. At any moment, studios using the service can log in to a portal and receive various charts that detail how consumers are responding to promotional efforts.PreAct的启动十分之早于。

它从电影公映的那个周末之前一年,就开始紧密监控市场活动。任何时候,用于该项服务电影片公司都可以从一个入口登岸,提供各种表格,上面详尽所列客户对宣传活动的反应。“Every studio wants actionable information, and that is what we are providing,” said David Herrin, the head of research at United Talent, which developed PreAct at its headquarters here before teaming up with Rentrak to bring it to market.“每个电影公司都想可以老大他们采取相应行动的信息,我们获取的正是这样的信息,”牵头人才研究部门的负责人大卫·赫林(David Herrin)说道,他在该公司总部研发了PreAct项目,之后又与Rentrak牵头,将之推向市场。

The rise of social media has created a data boom in almost every major industry, and motion pictures are no exception. Among the new studio-focused services: Fizziology, a five-year-old Indianapolis company that offers reports assembled by human analysts and not just by algorithms; Moviepilot, which studies social data and box-office trends; and ListenFirst Media, founded in 2012 and now a large supplier of “fan engagement” information to television networks.社交媒体的兴起为完全所有最重要行业都带给了数据的激增,电影业也毕竟值得注意。以电影公司为对象的新服务有很多,比如,享有五年历史的印第安纳波利斯公司Fizziology获取分析师人工编撰的报告,而某种程度是基于算法;电影试播公司(Moviepilot)专门研究社交媒体数据和票房趋势;2012年创办的先听得媒体公司(ListenFirst Media)擅长于为电视网络获取“影迷兴趣”信息。Other newcomers include Piedmont Media Research, which provides demographic data and looks at films when they are still just concepts, and C4, a firm led by the experienced Hollywood researcher Vincent Bruzzese.其他新来者还包括皮德蒙兹媒体研究公司(Piedmont Media Research),它获取人口统计数据,在电影正处于概念阶段就开始对其展开研究;此外还有C4公司,由经验丰富的好莱坞研究者文森特·布拉奇兹(Vincent Bruzzese)领导。

For studio marketing executives, the result can be an alphabet soup of competing analyses. Most studios, hoping to cover all bases, subscribe to a variety of these reports and try to make decisions by extrapolating from them. But that strategy can be expensive, with some services — PreAct among them — charging the biggest studios hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.对于电影公司的市场高管来说,这些研究结果有可能是一大堆互相矛盾的大杂烩。大多数电影公司期望面面俱到,他们不会订阅者各种类似于报告,企图按这些数据来推算出决策。但这种策略花费高昂,订阅者这些服务(PreAct也在其中)每年要花费数十万美元。

Since its introduction in January, PreAct has signed up studios that control roughly 40 percent of the North American box office. Clients include 20th Century Fox — currently the No. 1 movie operation in Hollywood, as measured by domestic box-office market share — and Sony Pictures Entertainment.自今年一月正式成立以来,PreAct签约了掌控着约40%北美票房的电影公司,其中还包括20世纪福克斯公司(以国内票房市场份额计算出来,目前它是好莱坞仅次于的电影公司)和索尼影业。“It’s not a perfect tool, but it allows us to be really long-lead, and it provides information in close to real time, both of which are extremely helpful,” said Dwight Caines, Sony’s president for domestic marketing. Mr. Caines credited PreAct in particular with helping inform promotional decisions for this fall’s hit movie “The Equalizer,” including how best to use an Eminem soundtrack song, “Guts Over Fear,” to generate interest among young men.“它并不是极致的工具,但能让我们从将来的看作问题,并且获取相似动态的信息,这两点都十分有协助,”索尼影业的国内市场总监德怀特·凯恩斯(Dwight Caines)说道。他还回应,在索尼为今年秋天的热门电影《申冤人》(The Equalizer)做到宣传决策时,PreAct获取的数据近于有协助,比如怎样只想利用埃米纳姆(Eminem)为电影创作的原声音乐歌曲《打破不安的勇气》(Guts Over Fear),令其年长观众对电影产生兴趣。

When studios began to widely use tracking data in the 1980s, a single company provided it — the National Research Group, which relied on telephone polling. Back then, studio marketers followed a standard playbook: Trailers played in theaters, and TV commercials, print ads and billboards arrived a few weeks before release.电影公司广泛应用观众跟踪数据始自20世纪80年代,当时只有一家公司获取这种服务,那就是全国调查集团(National Research Group)。那会儿的调查手段主要依赖电话专访。后来,电影公司的市场宣传人员有了一套标准的程序:电影公映前几星期在影院和电视广告里播出预告片、公布平面广告、发售公告牌。

Now that kind of campaign would get a marketer fired. A promotional campaign often starts more than a year in advance, as soon as actors are cast, and can reach high gear six months before release. It is not unusual for a studio to release three trailers for a big movie and multiple online “featurettes.”现在的市场宣传人员如果还秉承这种程序,有可能就不会被炒鱿鱼了。如今的宣传攻势一般来说就是指影片公映一年多以前,也就是选角的阶段就开始了,并在影片公映6个月之前达到高潮。电影公司为一部大片制作三部预告片,以及在网上投入多部“片花”也不是什么新鲜事。

PreAct started in 2011 as a way for United Talent to arm its celebrity clients — including Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Channing Tatum — with better data about their films. PreAct’s vast array of social-media information is collected by one of United Talent’s corporate clients, Crimson Hexagon, a Boston analytics firm that uses monitoring technology invented at Harvard.PreAct公司于2011年创办,为牵头人才经纪公司的名人客户服务,其中还包括约翰尼·德普(Johnny Depp)、安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)和查宁·塔图姆(Channing Tatum),向这些明星们获取他们所主演电影的更加有价值的数据。PreAct掌控的巨量社交媒体信息是由牵头人才经纪公司的另一个公司合作者“深红六边形”(Crimson Hexagon)获取,这家坐落于波士顿的数据分析公司用于哈佛大学研制的监控技术展开工作。

“My jaw dropped when I saw this product,” said Steve Buck, Rentrak’s senior vice president for business relations.“这个产品让我大吃一惊,”Rentrak公司负责管理公司关系的资深副总裁斯蒂夫·巴克(Steve Buck)说道。PreAct essentially takes information that is culled continuously from Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, movie blogs and other sites and provides coming movies with scores in various categories. The system, for instance, looks at the size of the online conversation and how much of it is positive or negative. It also tracks how much activity is organic and how much is the result of specific studio efforts.事实上,PreAct公司用于从Twitter、YouTube、Tumblr、Facebook、Instagram、电影博客以及其他网站上持续大大萃取的信息,为将要公映的电影按各种项目评分。

荐个例子来说,这个系统可以评估网上议论的规模,这些议论是正面还是负面。它还可以跟踪什么样的活动是最重要的,以及制片公司的特定活动否有效地。Because PreAct has already collected this information for roughly 500 movies, it generates scores for new films by making comparisons against existing ones. Moreover, PreAct subscribers have access to scores for any movie headed toward theaters, meaning studios now have the ability to understand the health of competing releases.PreAct早已为约500部电影搜集了类似于信息,用早已掌控的数据为参考,为新的公映的电影评分。

PreAct的订阅者者可以获得所有将要公映的新片的分数,也就是说,制片公司可以理解竞争的身体健康程度。“We’re going to continue to use it,” said Mr. Caines of Sony. “I love that all of the studios could be speaking in one language.”“我们不会之后用于它,”索尼公司的凯恩斯说道。“所有制片公司可以用于一种语言交流,我讨厌这样。

”Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Studios, the two biggest studios that are not yet on board, declined to comment.华纳兄弟与迪士尼这两家大公司目前还没用于这个系统,也拒绝接受回应做出评论。Traditional tracking companies like the National Research Group, which is now owned by Nielsen and still sells “competitive positioning” reports to every major studio, are aggressively defending their turf.国家研究集团如今早已隶属于尼尔森公司(Nielsen),这样的传统观众跟踪公司还在向各大公司出售“竞争定位”报告,它们极力保卫自己的领地。“Our tracking remains very sensitive to moviegoer intent,” said Tina Wilson, general manager of Nielsen Content, which includes National Research and Nielsen’s social-media-monitoring services. “We are thoughtful, and we have a real vigor, which allows our clients to make multimillion-dollar decisions based on our data.”“我们的观众跟踪系统依然需要敏锐地捕猎观影者的意图,”尼尔逊内容公司的总经理蒂娜·威尔逊(Tina Wilson)说道,该公司旗下还包括国家研究和尼尔逊自己的各种社交媒体监控服务。